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  • Hotline is a weekly publication for employees and staff.
  • Approximately 7,000 copies are distributed throughout on- and off-campus locations on Fridays.
  • Hotline content is posted online and links are send out via the Daily Broadcast.
  • Hotline does not publish on four-day holiday weeks.

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For more information or if you have a story idea or event you’d like Hotline to cover:

Colleen Delaney at 6-0275
Colleen Keilty at 4-2753.

Hotline Process Guide

  • Requests for coverage of an event should be sent at least two weeks in advance of the event date to allow time for scheduling of reporter and photographer.
  • Stories discussed in advance and written for Hotline should be submitted by 5 p.m. Tuesday of the week of the issue it is to be published in. All story drafts and photos should be submitted by this time, whether finalized or as a draft.
  • Hotline staff meets Wednesday to discuss story and photo placement for the current week’s issue and make decisions based on considerations of importance, relevance, timeliness and space.

  • Requests to cover stories or submitted stories may be submitted to Hotline by staff, patients or the general public, however, MGH Hotline reserves the right to not publish or cover any story for any reason, including space, solicitation policies or otherwise.
  • Requests for story ideas and event coverage should be presented to the Hotline editors for approval first, at least two weeks in advance.
  • Full article submissions must:
    • Be submitted by the Tuesday of the week they are to be published in – save the story as date, and story name (for example: 020516HeartCenter)
    • Include a headline, photo and photo caption
    • Be reviewed by all interested parties prior to submission
    • Follow Hotline/AP style
  • Article submissions are subject to final rounds of editing. If an article cannot be completed in time for the issue it is slated to appear in, please inform the editors as soon as possible so that they may make appropriate schedule and layout adjustments.

Hotline generally follows AP style. The overall tone of Hotline articles is MGH-focused but generally objective. Stories should:

  • Provide clear and accurate information
  • Engage the reader through details but remain concise
  • Be written to an average reading level in order to be accessible to many
  • Have creative titles and lead sentences

MGH Style Guide

Prior to layout, all Hotline articles must be reviewed by all individuals who have a vested interest in the story, including but not limited to:

  • Individuals quoted or mentioned in the article
  • The person/group(s) that hosted the event
  • Anyone else involved in initial correspondence about the story/that may like to review it

When in doubt, send the article along to more individuals rather than less for review.

  • Review all stories for accuracy prior to submitting them to Hotline. Be sure all names, titles, dates, etc are correct. Names and titles should be reviewed in the Partners directory and in Outlook.
  • Hotline editors will do a first round of edits once a story is submitted, reviewing and revising all stories as needed for Hotline style and space allowed.
  • Second round of edits will take place on Thursday, once the first draft is designed and printed.
    • Review will include checking all headlines, photos, cutlines are in place and correct. Make sure there is a photo credit if required.
    • Double check all name, titles, dates, numbers, emails and web addresses
  • Hotline will be distributed to all members of the Public Affairs Office on Thursday as well. Staff members are encouraged to read the issue, especially stories they have written, and discuss suggested edits with the editors.
  • An additional round (or rounds) of edits will occur to reconcile past round(s) of edits after updated by designer, and a new draft is printed out.

  • Most photos are taken by MGH Photography. Hotline staff requests the contact sheets from each event and then requests several photo options to choose from.
  • Space generally only allows one photo per article, and Hotline typically does not print logos.
  • If submitting a photo, submit to Hotline editors by Tuesday of the week it is to be published. Include names and cutlines with all photos submitted. Save the photo using the same slug as the story (date and name of story, for example: 020516HeartCenter)
  • Photo consent rules follow the normal News and Public Affairs process.
  • Photo credit is only given if the photo is taken by an individual or group that is not MGH Photography.